HOME ABOUT SYSTEM FABRICATORS PORTFOLIO TESTIMONIALS PUEBLO STRUCTURAL SYSTEM VS. WOOD FRAME CONSTRUCTION When compared to wood construction (up to 4 residential stories) Pueblo offers all the advantages inherent to steel construction as incombustibility, tight tolerances, avoidance of shrinkage, speed of construction, etc., at a comparable overall construction costs. In other words, a better quality buiding for the same cost. PUEBLO STRUCTURAL SYSTEM VS. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION When compared to concrete construction, the most prevelent type of construction for buildings with more than 4 stories of residential floors, Pueblo’s principal advantages are as follow: Design Flexibility Pueblo easily adapts to any project with repeated floor layouts and multiple partition, such as it is found in multi-family housing as well as in hotels, dormitories, military barracks, etc. The vertical frames are intended to be embedded within he different partitions and not in a superimposed grid. This makes Pueblo ideally suitable for buildings in tight in-fill sites and those with highly irregular floor plans. Light Weight Due to the building overall light-weight; 65#/sq.ft. when using Type A floor system (with steel deck and concrete topping) and 45#/sq.ft. when using Type B (with structural fiber-cement board), a building using Pueblo Structural System wil require lesser foundations than similar building using a concrete structure (wth at least 170-180#/sq.ft. when using light-weight aggregate). This Pueblo’s advantage is c ritical in the case of poor soils requiring deep foundations and where there is a supporting base structure. Efficient Base Structure Due to the lighter weight of a building using Pueblo, up to 10 stories can rest over a thickened base or podium slab without t he need for costly transfer beams. This allows that the base structure to be designed with a column and shear wall layout that is more adaptable to its indended use, which is in most cases parking garage. This translates into a substantial reduction of the base structure required floor area when compared to a concrete structure, when the columns andshear walls of the upper residential floors have to be continued trought the base structure. Tighter Construction Tolerances A Pueblo structure is fabricated with much tighter tolerances. This allowsearly fabrication and delivery of other shop- fabricated components such as panelized wall and window system, balconies, etc., without the need to wait to field-verify the structure. This results in substantial savingsin construction time. Compatibility with MEP System As described before, the floor cavities can be used for the different MEP systems. This gives the option of eliminating some or all vertical air shafts and their correspondent cost, reduction of rentable/salable space used by MEP components and reduction of roof mounted scaveger fans. Easy for Fabrication Pueblo components can be fabricated anywhere by any qualified structural steel fabricator without the need of any special equipment. The floor panels can be fabricated by any light-gauge steel fabricator. Simplified Design Pueblo’s vertical frames are subject to standaridization and pre-engineering, thus simplifying the work of the design professionals, as well as design time and shop-drawing production. Shorter Construstion Time Pueblo components can be shop-fabricated during the time of the site work, foundation and base structure, and then can be apidly erected. Other building components such as panelized exterior wall framing, window assemblies, emergency stairs, balconies, bathroom pods, etc. can be also shop-fabricated and delivered on-time, thus further decreasing theoverall construction time. LEED Points The Pueblo Structural System is mostly recyclabe, thus able to qualify for a substantial number of LEED points. Lower Construction Cost Reachable construction cost saving when comparing a project using The Pueblo structure with the cost of similar project using typical concrete construction are tabulated as follow: (415) 758 7153 Home Privacy Statement  •  Terms Of Use  •  Copyright 2010 by Pueblo Building Technologies, LLC CONTACT US HOME   Structural system   Cost item   Foundation Base structure   Construction time   Savings (%)  5.0 - 7.0   1.0 - 2.0   0.0 - 3.0 1.0 - 3.0    Notes Depends on the number of floors and seismic/wind zones Light-weight construction    reduces fundation costs For projects with a base structure, The Pueblo Structural System allows for simpler and more efficient base structure. Ranges for 1 to 3 months (saving in general conditions and additional rental revenues).   Totals 7.0 - 15.0 WHY PUEBLO ?