HOME ABOUT SYSTEM FABRICATORS PORTFOLIO TESTIMONIALS (415) 758 7153 Home Privacy Statement  •  Terms Of Use  •  Copyright 2010 by Pueblo Building Technologies, LLC CONTACT US HOME THE CASE FOR PUEBLO STRUCTURAL SYSTEM REPLACING WOOD FRAME CONSTRUCTION The death of six young people due to the collapse of a balcony on June 16, 2015 at a relatively new apartment complex in Berkeley, California, highlights the hidden risks in buildings of wood construction due to water penetration and dry-rot. Additionally, shrinkage of wood frame construction can lead to cracking in the building façade resulting in moisture penetration. Most of the significant amounts of money awarded for construction defect claims are for wood framed buildings. Wood framed buildings are also highly susceptible to  fire.  The 526-unit Da Vinci apartment building in downtown Los Angeles and the 172-unit MB360 apartment building in Mission Bay, San Francisco are recent examples of major wood frame buildings gutted down by massive fires during construction. Pueblo, an innovative yet simple structural steel based system that is incombustible and decay- resistant, and of more exacting construction, makes a compelling and economically competitive case for replacing conventional wood frame construction for multistory residential buildings.  Pueblo allows for additional stories permitting larger number of units than are possible using a wood frame structure. Pueblo offers high quality and durable construction with lower maintenance costs over the life of the structure.     Berkeley, California June 16, 2015 Mission Bay, California Los Angeles, California WHY PUEBLO ?