HOME ABOUT SYSTEM FABRICATORS PORTFOLIO TESTIMONIALS (415) 758 7153 Home Privacy Statement  •  Terms Of Use  •  Copyright 2010 by Pueblo Building Technologies, LLC SYSTEM PROPERTIES STRUCTURAL The Pueblo Structural System complies with all provisions of the International Building Code. It is ideally suitable for buildings in seismicand high wind zones. One of the main advantages of using the Puebl Structural System is the resulting overall buiding low-weight. This results in reduced gravity and seismic design forces with the cinsequent effect in the cost of the superstucture, foundation, and base structure, if any. The overall weight of a building using a Pueblo structure with Type A floor system ranges between 60# to 65#/sq.ft. out of floor area. If an ultra-light Type B floor system is used, the overall building weight ranges between 40#to 45#/sq.ft. of floor area.In both cases, normal partitioning and cement plaster exterior walls are assumed. FIRE PROTECTION Columns: Buildins up to 5-story high can be of Type II-B construction, that does not require fire protection of the structural members. Buildings with more than 5 stories and up to 12 stories can be of Type I-B construction, which requires that columns be individually fire protected throughout their entire lenght and their connection to primary beams. This can be provided by means of sprayed fire protectants. Floors: Type I-B construction requires 2-hour fire rated floor assemblies that require two layers of Type X 5/8” thick gypsum board on resilient channels and 3-1/2” thick batt, cavity insulation. Floors with corrugated steel and concrete topping conform to UL Design G531 (2-hour) - Floors with 3/4” thick structural fiber-cement board (SFCB) decking conform to UL DEsign G557 (2-hour). ACOUSTICAL Floors: Pueblo floor systems achieve a sound insulation rating range from 58 to 60 STC when using carpet and pad flooring - As sound insulation blanket is required under resilient, ceramic and wood flooring. Demising and Corridor Walls: Two layer of 5/8” gypsum board on each side of the light gauge steel wall framing, plus 3-1/2” thick blanket insulation at the wall cavity are required for an effective sound barrier. CLICK IN THE DRAWING TO ENLARGE CONTACT US HOME WHY PUEBLO ?