HOME ABOUT SYSTEM FABRICATORS PORTFOLIO TESTIMONIALS The Pueblo Structural System is composed primarily of shop-fabricated vertical frame assemblies reaching as much as 8 stories or 80 feet when the access roads permit, but more typically delivered in 4-stories high segments to be spliced for taller structures. Figure 1 shows two types of vertical frame assemblies erected over a concrete slab; braced frames resisting vertical and lateral loads and ladder frames carrying vertical loads only. After the vertical frame assem- blies are erected, connecting beams are installed as shown in Figure 2. Figure 3 shows the bent steel plates used for supporting the floor panels. Once the vertical frames and connecting beams are in place, the shop-fabricated floor panels are installed.   Figure 4 shows typical floor panels in place, ready to receive a concrete topping, including a cover sheet steel plate covering the beam joints. After the floor panels are installed, steel mesh reinforcing and light-weight concrete topping being installed over steel deck to complete the structure - Figure 5. Figure 6 represents an alternate floor system using 3/4” thick fiber-cement board decking. This floor assembly conforms to UL Design G557 with 2-hour fire rating. (415) 758 7153 Home Privacy Statement  •  Terms Of Use  •  Copyright 2010 by Pueblo Building Technologies, LLC Figure 6 CONTACT US HOME Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 7 Figure 7 shows a typical Pueblo structure being completed. WHY PUEBLO ?