HOME ABOUT SYSTEM FABRICATORS PORTFOLIO TESTIMONIALS THE PUEBLO NAME IS TAKEN FROM THE FIRST MULTI-FAMILY MULTI-STORY BUILDERS IN THE USA TERRITORY – THE PUEBLO INDIANS OF NEW MEXICO The innovative Pueblo Structural System is based on the efficient use of shop-fabricated steel components when applied to multifamily residential projects from 4 to 12 stories high. Pueblo is also suitable for hotels, dormitories, military barracks, and other similar type of projects. The Pueblo Structural System is intended to significantly reduce not only the cost of the building structure but also, due to its light-weight properties, reduce the cost of the foundation and the base structure if any, as well as substantially decrease the time of constuction. The Pueblo Structural System makes maximum use of shop-fabricated steel components including vertical frames, connecting beams and light-gauge steel floor panels.   Pueblo is intended to become the default structural system for mid-rise multi-family housing and for similar types of projects, replacing labor-intensive conventional structural systems such as wood frame and conrete. The Pueblo Structural System is covered by US Patents 5,782,047 and 6, 298,617 B1.      Click here to see comparative advantages. (415) 758 7153 CONTACT US HOME CLICK HERE TO SEE ANIMATION Home Privacy Statement  •  Terms Of Use  •  Copyright 2010 by Pueblo Building Technologies, LLC WHY PUEBLO ?